Audience by ContentTo be a thought leader, adiposity one must be recognized as an expert with good compelling content and an audience to share it with.

Expert contentExpert content can be

created (originated),

curated, or even expertly


The audienceThe audience is typically

not a generic audience,

but one that is associated

with a specific industry or

set of industries.




Audience by ContentWithout good content and with no audience, folks in this quadrant are unknown.



Has a large following but not a robust set of content as the content is focused on a single product line or company.



The go-to person in a vertical for the expertise they are known for. Has access to great content that they’ ve originated, curated and expertly aggregated.

thought leader


Is an expert in a particular area and is recognized as the expert (the go-to person) in a specific vertical or set of verticals.