Presentations: Create & Deliver Quality Webinars

Whether you are selecting high quality webinars for your organization or creating webinars for your clients, it’s critical to ensure that these webinars will further productivity and provide valuable content and important skill sets to attendees.

With the rise of webinar popularity for training and development, webinars must provide a positive impact, a high level of engagement, interactivity and excellent content quality. It is essential to evaluate both the quality of content and the way it’s delivered – in ways that take into account how people like to learn.  When successful, a powerful combination of methods will help take basic webinars to the next level of a “guru” webinar.

In this 90-minute session, gurus Mitchell Levy and Sharyn Fitzpatrick discuss methodologies, insights, successes, and lessons learned from a “guru” series of webinars they developed for Cisco Systems. They share important tips for transforming basic informational webinars into more advanced, interactive sessions.

During this presentation, you will learn how to ensure that:

  • A webinar’s content flows logically and creatively so that it engages and educates the target audience
  • The visual elements of the webinar provides flow that aids content processing for attendees
  • Information delivery is managed within time constraints
  • The power of webinar tools are maximized to communicate effectively and efficiently in an auditory, visual, and kinesthetic manner
  • When all aspects work in sync, the combination of quality content and delivery in a webinar assists the presenter in sharing his/her knowledge, expertise, and insights with a large audience base without geographic constraints.

Key Takeaways:

  • A road map for what it takes to create and deliver quality webinars, at any level from basic to guru
  • A detailed review – a check-up – of one of your existing 60 minute webinars – we will critique it, suggest ways to improve the experience for both you and the attendees (first 25 registrants…additional ones at $250 each)
  • A set of tools and templates ($195 cost, if sold separately)  for you to use as a webinar guru to deliver high quality webinars that use the highest level of content delivery and content quality: auditorially, visually, and kinesthetically

Cost: $2,500 – $4,000 (plus T&E for live in-person seminars, if applicable)



Mitchell Levy is the CEO and Thought Leader Architect at THiNKaha who has created and operated fifteen firms and partnerships since 1997. He and his team are brought into corporations to turn their experts into recognized thought leaders. Mitchell is an Amazon bestselling author with twenty one business books, he has provided strategic consulting to over one hundred companies, has advised over five hundred CEOs on critical business issues through the CEO networking groups he’s run, and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company. Get a free copy of the eBook Mitchell Levy on Creating Thought Leaders at the Aha Amplifier, read about thought leadership best practices on the LinkedIn group, or watch a new thought leader each week on Thought Leader Life. Read more and connect at his page.


Designer and Web Executive Producer, Sharyn Fitzpatrick has over 25 years’ experience in sales and marketing, including executive positions with The Learning Company, Knight-Ridder, and Sum-Total Systems. She is the chief marketing and webinar guru at THiNKaha and the principal of Marcom Gurus, a high-tech agency she founded in 2000. She has produced over 1000 webinars and is currently working on her second book, her first on creating and delivering quality webinars.  She has created and implemented marcom and webinar programs for companies such as  Cisco WebEx, AT&T, Interwise, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, PresentationXpert newsletter, and Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, to name a few.

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