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Imagine the potential of generating 1?2 “aha” moments for every employee, buy viagra every month. Then imagine those moments being reinforced with a one?hour webinar from a guru in the field. Now imagine doing that all year long.

You win, they win!

Your cost: Very little, Your Value: Priceless.

***Let Us Create a Custom Program for You***

With expertise in delivering continuous learning in easy?to?understand, worthwhile, and digestible chunks, THiNKaha Learning will work with your internal experts or any of our content gurus to deliver expert knowledge on relevant topics, and in a way that inspires learning in your environment.

Some Topics to Choose From:

  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Management
  • Virtual Relationships
  • Choose Your Own Topics

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We Will Help You Build Your Playbook for Success!
We help you deliver the content of your choice online, on site, or any combination of the two, to drive continual “aha” moments.

Let’s Get Your Customized THiNKaha Learning Series Started Today!

  • We will set up and drive your initial topic?based sessions.
  • We will review results and set up more programs for your audience.

Why Consider This Program?
Current training is very costly and so is the time it takes to develop content, think of the savings in time and money to get the training your organization needs today. You will save hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars per employee with each program you bring in ?? and you are not limited to off the shelf materials, it can be tailored for your needs at a fraction of the cost of developing your own.

Who Would Be Involved?
THiNKaha Learning delivers relevant and continuous content to any group of individual contributors, managers, directors, VPs, or the executive team. You choose the guru learning program, suggest new content if interested, and we do the rest.

What Would It Look Like?
In fast?paced work environments, THiNKaha Learning offers continuous learning in easy?to?understand, worthwhile, and digestible chunks. Through continuous exposure to expert knowledge on relevant topics, continuous learning can be inspired in your environment. This program will continually foster “aha” moments. Just think, regular bite?sized morsels delivered on topics such as: leadership, management, sales, marketing, work?life balance, project management, social media and networking, presentation skills, and other topics of your choosing.

Where Would It Be?
There are three parts of the program: 1) Monthly “Lunch and Learn” sessions in person or via the Web,
2) Core THiNKaha books delivered on your timetable, and 3) Expert?delivered webinars. You decide the time, the topic, and the location. We collect the content, arrange for the speaker/author, and handle the logistics of pulling it all together.

How Can We Do This?
We deliver the content of your choosing to your employees, staff, or executive team in the format that
best meets their needs. Online, on?site, or any combination of the two, the continual “aha” moment will be brought to your team in easily digestible bite?sized morsels.

What’s Next?
Set up your “Lunch and Learn” or webinar sessions, you decide the venue, we deliver the wisdom. Get feedback from the first session and then do it again. Set up a planning session with us to craft the annual THiNKaha Learning Program(s) of your choice. Quarterly reviews of the program’s effectiveness. You win and so does your team!

To set up your THiNKaha Learning Program, please contact:

Mitchell Levy, CEO & Author, THiNKaha

Jenilee Maniti, Program Manager, THiNKaha

See Our Webinar Course Catalog of Experts