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#SOCIAL MEDIA PR tweet Book01:
Inspiration for New Professionals

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#SOCIAL MEDIA PR tweet Book01
Table of Contents

Section 1: Getting Started
Section 2: General Tips and Tricks
Section 3: Listen!
Section 4: Bloggers and Blogging
Section 5: Twitter
Section 6: Facebook
Section 7: LinkedIn
Section 8: Tools
Section 9: Video
Section 10: Promotional Events



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tweet Book01

140 Bite-Sized Ideas for
Social Media Engagement

by Janet Fouts

PR has always been demanding. With expectations of lightning-fast responses, today’s consumers, vendors and general public all make it challenging to manage and control corporate messaging and PR. Surely you have heard somebody promoting social media as a silver bullet or band-aid for all PR issues? Therein lies the danger…and the opportunity. It’s very easy to make PR blunders with social media, simply because you cannot control it. Then how do you learn to use social media, work with it, exploit its potential fully and make it an integral component of your PR toolkit?

In #SOCIAL MEDIA PR tweet Book01 Janet Fouts shows you how. Social media, as she explains lucidly, is not about one-way broadcasting but about two-way communication. Sure, your company’s PR messaging needs to go out but after that you also need to engage your audience, assimilate feedback and close the loop. In other words, social media is all about dialog.

With her expertise in social media coaching, Janet understands that while many of us are individually passionate about social media, the corporations or enterprises we belong to don’t necessarily share our passion or knowledge. Also, companies are tired of being sold on social media concepts; they want actionable information. Which is why Janet wrote this book in the actionable, accessible and increasingly-popular tweet format. Delivered in 140 characters or less, Janet’s tweets demonstrate the value that can be communicated in small packages. For example, she knows that it’s very likely within a corporate environment to be sold on a particular social platform or toolset. Which is why she cautions: Stay platform agnostic. Strategy isn’t about the tools.

The tips and guidelines in #SOCIAL MEDIA PR tweet Book01 will get you on the road to understanding the potential of social media for PR. You will learn about communicating and inbound media, with individual sections related to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and promotional events. With Janet Fouts’ book at hand, you can confidently harness the power of social media for your PR messaging.

Here are some of the well-thought-out quotes/tweets you will find in this book:

#5 When you communicate for a brand, make sure people know there’s a real person there too. Be transparent.

#8 Social media is all about reciprocity. If you want someone to support you, support him or her first.

#9 PR is all about building relationships. Social media helps you build relationships across all boundaries.

#12 Social media allows you to pitch efficiently to a broad scope of people without a huge budget.

#13 Social media helps you position your clients’ products and services effectively and authentically.

#SOCIAL MEDIA PR tweet Book01‘ is part of the THiNKaha series whose 100-page books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).


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SAMPLE TWEETS from the book

#1 Spread the word, share the love, keep in touch and top of mind, raise money, inspire, find volunteers.

#27 Every business is relationships and relationships are everyone’s business.

#67 Make it fun, make it easy to interact, make it worthwhile, but make sure it’s also something you could show Grandma.

#99 Spread the news of volunteer opportunities and the benefits offered.

#124 Don’t go into social media with the only goal being fundraising. If you build the relationships, the support will come.


About the Author


Janet Fouts
Janet Fouts


Janet Fouts, is a social media coach, author, speaker and entrepreneur who helps individuals and corporations use social media tools effectively and efficiently. Her recent titles, Social Media Success!and #SOCIALMEDIA NONPROFIT tweet drew on her 15 years of experience in online marketing and social media, working in the trenches with businesses of all sizes. In addition to her coaching practice, Janet is Founder of the Social Media Coaching Center and Senior Partner atTatu Digital Media, an award-winning, San Jose-based web design and development firm. She generously shares her knowledge and expertise on JanetFouts.com..