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#PRESENTATION tweet Book01:
Inspiration for New Professionals

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#PRESENTATION tweet Book01
Table of Contents

Section 1: Define And Hone Your Message
Section 2: Deliver Your Message Like A Pro
Section 3: Presenting In A Virtual World
Section 4: Present,



Here are some of the well-thought-out quotes/tweets you will find in this book:

#4 Information without context and interpretation is just data. Take responsibility to give them information.

#16 The sooner your audience can answer, “what does this have to do with me?” the better.

#46 As you look into the audience, stop on a person, focus on them for 10 sec. Finish a sentence, pause, breathe, and move on to someone else.

#88 People with English as a second language often prefer to chat rather than speak up.

#114 Make your peers realize it is a “TEAM” effort. Always use “We” not “I.”


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#PRESENTATION tweet Book01

140 Ways to Present with Impact

by Wayne Turmel

If you’re in management, you are almost certainly making presentations routinely. It’s easy, but incorrect, to think of your presentation as a bunch of bulleted lists in Powerpoint slides. Technical managers, in particular, are notorious for conceiving of their presentations in this way. The truth is that every presentation you create and deliver is an opportunity for you to communicate your message, persuade your audience and get the action you require as a response. So how do you go about creating presentations that accomplish this?

Communication expert Wayne Turmel talked to technical managers at the engineering giant Cisco, where hundreds of presentations are made every day. Presenters at Cisco have to make sure their presentations get heard above the noise. They must get their points across clearly and succinctly while persuading their audiences to take desired courses of action.

In #PRESENTATION tweet Book01, Wayne distills for you the best of the best presentation tips, painstakingly gathered from expert presenters across Cisco. He presents the tips in the ever-popular tweet format, allowing you to absorb the wisdom readily and put it directly into action. You will learn to fine-tune your presentation to its key points, deliver it with authority and style, create and present webinars, and more. From how to speak to engineers, to presenting webcasts that keep your audience attentive, Wayne brings you practical, solid advice from people who sell, persuade and teach successfully every single day.

If your work requires you to present effectively in a business situation, whether to a technical or a non-technical audience,#PRESENTATION tweet Book01contains gathered wisdom to ensure that your next presentation gets you the attention and results you want.

#PRESENTATION tweet Book01 is part of the THiNKaha series whose 112-page books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).

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Book Endorsements

“The norm in human communications is NOT to communicate—the sooner technical workers get this, the sooner we eliminate project failure, mishaps and catastrophes. This book is a great help.”
Charlie Pellerin, Author of How NASA Builds Teams

“If you want to learn anything, listen to smart people. This is a perfect example of that advice. Read and learn.”
Kevin Eikenberry, @KevinEikenberry, Author of Remarkable Leadership and #LEADERSHIP tweet Book01

“Presentation skills matter! If you want to influence your coworkers and impact the bottom line, you must improve your presentation skills. Study, practice your skills and learn from the master and watch your career soar!”
Phil Gerbyshak, Professional speaker, Author of 3 books and Marketing Technology Strategist for Make It Great Institute

“Every project manager who presents online needs this.”
Cornelius Fichtner, Host of The Project Management Podcast


About the Author
Wayne Turmel
Wayne Turmel


Much sought after for his engaging, insightful and informative speeches,Wayne Turmel is obsessed with helping people communicate more effectively at work. As President ofGreatwebmeetings.com he teaches organizations to present, sell and manage their teams through web communication tools. As host of one of the world’s most successful business podcasts–The Cranky Middle Manager Show–Wayne brings all his humor and life experience towards helping middle managers communicate effectively up, down and across their organizations to get the results they require.

Author of multiple books, including 10 Steps to successful Virtual Presentations, 6 Weeks to a Great Webinar and theConnected Manager blog on BNET.com, Wayne also contributes regularly to the Thought Leaders column on www.management-issues.com, the world’s leading management website. Having worked his way up multiple organizations, and with a rich background that includes being as a stand-up comedian, Wayne walks his talk to ensure that corporate America gets its point across.