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When did you deliver your last aha?

1Inspiring great wisdom to your organization is an important part of the foundation in building an engaging and effective learning program. THiNKaha Learning is the perfect partner and is recognized as a leader in timely, cutting-edge books and mobile applications that provides wisdom or “ahas” in a fun, Twitter-brief format. With THiNKaha Learning, organizations can now offer a cost-effective continuous learning program, including webinars from gurus who are subject-matter experts in leadership, project management, presentation skills, and more. Each is delivered in easy-to-understand, worthwhile, and digestible chunks and the program inspires learning in each company’s global environment.

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Many of the webinars in this catalog were created as part of the Cisco Guru Series.  In March 2011, we launched a high-quality continuous learning program -THiNK Continuity (now known as THiNKaha Learning) – for Cisco’s Global Learning and Development Group. With this new program, we were able to power their internal learning champion, enabling them to effectively educate their workforce with customized content. This matched up with Cisco’s goal to easily provide high-learning content that was engaging, high-quality and affordable to their employees who are required to take eighteen (18) hours of training per quarter.

4We also are sharing a number of webinars from our new membership community, SKiLLS4Admins which was  created in fast-paced Silicon Valley where administrative assistants have what may be some of the most demanding admin jobs anywhere.  The knowledge that has helped executive assistants from some of the largest and most challenging companies in the world, survive and thrive makes great webinar content.