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#ENTRY LEVEL tweet Book02:
Relevant Advice for Students and
New Graduates in the Day of Social Media

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#ENTRY LEVEL tweet Book02
Table of Contents

Section 1: Community
Section II: Build Credibility
Section III: LinkedIn Profiles
Section IV: Facebook Profiles
Section V: Connecting
Section VI: Find Employers
Section VII: Now What?




Here are some of the well-thought-out quotes/tweets you will find in this book:

#7 Online communities mirror real life. Treat virtual relationships as if you are in the same room.

#22 Do a search on your name. What comes up? Take appropriate steps to remove anything that does not refl ect well on you.

#56 Think of your summary as your brochure. Begin with how you can help and explain how others can help you. Under educational experience, list relevant.

#102 If you don’t spend time on a social network where people ask you to connect, provide an alternate method of contact.

#139 Don’t get involved in every activity at once. Pace yourself so you learn well and do a good job with each opportunity.


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#ENTRY LEVEL tweet Book02

Relevant Advice for Students and New Graduates in the Day of Social Media

by Christine M. Ruff and Lori Ruff

Like all bright, academically-talented young people,Christine Ruff expected to find her dream job right out of college. She graduated with honors and right away found a biology research lab that was a perfect fit. But when the lab’s funding was slashed, and Christine got laid off, she realized that the downturn had come home.

Christine’s natural inclination being to always land on her feet, she saw an opportunity that others may have missed–for learning life lessons from the rigorous, challenging and often frustrating job search that followed. With diligence and attention to detail, she assiduously gathered the wisdom she picked up along the way. And now, with her mother,LinkedIn Diva Lori Ruff, she brings it to you in #ENTRY LEVEL tweet Book02.

This book is a refreshing combination of Christine’s fresh perspective and Lori’s corporate and life experience. Written in the very readable tweet format, the authors bring you timely and effective tips to help you make a successful transition from university to the professional virtual world. Where else, for example, would you be cautioned, ‘Don’t get involved in every activity at once. Pace yourself so you learn well and do a good job with each opportunity.’ Or, ‘Take a little time to prepare for the next opportunity rather than being too comfortable with where you are.’

Christine and Lori bring you practical advice on highlighting your experience and education, engaging professionals in the online business community and finding and benefiting from peers and mentors. In addition to tips on building and maintaining a professional online presence, you will learn to build credibility as an adult and a professional in the social media world. With #ENTRY LEVEL tweet Book02, no matter what tomorrow’s economic scenario may hold, you can step out with confidence into your chosen professional world.

#ENTRYLEVELtweet Book02‘ is part of the THINKaha series whose 112-page books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).


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About the Authors


Christine M. Ruff

Christine M. Ruff is a student of Biology, and loves to write and travel. Her interests are in continuing her educational career and in living her passion: Science! She writes with heart and a willingness to share her experiences. A woman early in her career, she shares insights based on real life experiences.

Ruff graduated from East Carolina University with Honors in 2007, worked in a research lab and was laid off when grant funding caused cutbacks and layoffs. She has experienced several versions of recently looking for jobs in college, after graduation, and in the aftermath of an economic downturn. She’s managed to land on her feet each time by following the principles she shares in this book.

Ruff now lives near family in Central Virginia and is working while continuing her education in Biology.

Lori Ruff

Lori Ruff

The LinkedIn Diva, Lori Ruff, is a globally recognized expert in LinkedIn and social media. She is among the top 10 most connected women in the world on LinkedIn. Her Facebook Friends list is full. Her robust Twitter following grows by hundreds of followers a week on three active accounts. You don’t accumulate those kinds of social media credentials overnight. It takes years of active participation in the industry to earn a following like that.

Ruff is a proven thought leader with 100+ recommendations from clients and random people touched by her generous spirit. The Diva has heart, character, avid fans (and family!) with whom she has shared her knowledge. Over her career, she has presented over 1,000 sessions on topics such as leadership, social networking, fat applications and Internet technologies, customer service, creating a vision, and privacy.

One sassy, saucy business woman, Lori is a full-time speaker, trainer, and author of THINKaha’s #PRIVACY tweet Book01. She is also co-author of the Rock The World™ Book Series with her partner, The LinkedIn Rockstar Mike O’Neil.

Mother and daughter come together to bring you timely and tested tips for entering the professional world in the day of social media.