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Table of Contents

Section I: Not Human, Not Wolf, Just Dog
Section II: Dog Sense
Section III: Dog Emotion
Section IV: Dog Intelligence
Section V: Dog Socializing
Section VI: Dog Spirit
Section VII: Dog Talk
Section VIII: Dog Teaching
Section IX: Dog Adoption
Section X: Dog Training and Breeding
Section XI: Dog Death and Grieving
Section XII: Better Beings


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This book is currently being written;
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#DOG tweet Book01

140 Perspectives on What Our Dogs Teach Us about Being Human

by Timothy Tosta and Nancy Martin

The symbiotic relationship between people and canines has spanned millennia. We have bred and trained dogs to follow our leadership and directives to make them more useful for us. But what about the learning that flows in the opposite direction? What can we learn from our dogs?

#DOG tweet invites you to take a closer look at your relationship with your dog to assess and appreciate the extraordinary contributions that this unique relationship makes to your life, health, and well-being. Written by professionals, whose personal lives have been touched deeply by their canine companions, this book offers insights into how your dog allows you to connect with the rich, diverse, and magnificent world in which we all live. It reveals how your dog puts you in touch with who you are, all while connecting you to what really matters–other human beings. In clear and convincing language #DOG tweet answers the questions, “How is my life better because of my dog?” and “If I better understood my dog, how could my life improve?” #DOG tweet brings the many facets of our human-canine relationships into insightful focus.

The fundamental premise of #DOG tweet is that dogs bring much more into our lives than we give them credit for and that they are uniquely worthy of our empathy, compassion, and kindness. By extending our kindness and love to dogs, we build greater capacity and competency to bestow the same on ourselves and others. The authors’ design is to benefit both canines and humans, and to foster harmonious and nurturing relationships between the two.

As a public hospice volunteer, author Tim Tosta has witnessed the interactions between ward residents and visiting dogs, and seen the powerful healing aspects of the exchanges. Nancy Martin, Tim’s wife, has observed how the family’s dogs significantly contributed to the social and emotional development of their children, much the same as she was enriched by the dogs who graced her life. This book is the outcome of Tim and Nancy’s joint exploration of the relationship between dogs and humans, validated and reinforced by research into centuries of human-canine interactions.

Although you may not even be aware, your dog can teach you to live with change, to recover from your mistakes, to forgive and move on, to live in nature, and to respect all living things. Read #DOG tweet to learn how to appreciate and to make the most of this primordial, most life-affirming relationship.

#DOG tweet is part of the THiNKaha series whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out quotations (tweets/ahas).

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About the Authors


Timothy Tosta
Timothy Tosta


Seasoned hospice volunteer and cancer survivor Timothy Tosta is recognized as one of California’s leading land use and environmental attorneys. A recognized executive coach to the legal and business communities, Tim has authored multiple books in the THiNKaha series. Tim contributes regularly to California’s leading daily legal newspaper Daily Journal, blogs at www.coachingcounsel.com/blog, and is an accomplished public speaker on human potential, fulfilled living, and conscious dying.


Nancy Martin
Nancy Martin


A retired intellectual property lawyer, Nancy Martin is now involved in numerous community activities and serves on the board of a private school for children with learning disabilities. Nancy and Tim have been married for 31 years and have shared a life enriched by their three children and numerous cherished pets. The life lessons imparted by their dogs are shared with you in this unique and readable book.