Videos from Thomas Schmidt Discussing the Sections of His Book,

When You Think About Quitting, Think About Why You Started

With this book, you’ll learn some of the techniques and values that have helped get me through the roughest yet most rewarding times I’ve had in my business career. You can use these techniques, live these values in your day-to-day life, and work your way toward success whatever that is for you.

Section I – I Enjoy People, Do You ?

Section II – Listening to Others and Yourself is a Great Skill

Section III – Are You Utilizing Your God-Given Gifts to Serve Others ?

Section IV – Coachability Allows You to Better Serve Your Clients

Section V – Be Resilient Through Adversity and Traumatic Events

Section VI – Forgiveness and Moving Forward Towards a Positive Future

Section VII – Lets Your Fears Slip Away, Regain Your Focus

Section VIII – Business is Hard; You Can Do It

Book Summary