You're Crazy! How the Hell Are We Going to Do That?!


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Table of Contents

Section I: Great Leadership Is a Killer Differentiator
Section II: Why Challenging Your Team Gets You Big Gains
Section III: What Is Required to Take Your Business to the Next Level
Section IV: Are You Doing What It Takes to Be a Great Leader?
Section V: You Can’t Do It by Yourself; Surround Yourself with the Right People
Section VI: Why Leaders Are Often Disappointed by People’s Performance
Section VII: The Best Leaders Have a High Level of Emotional Intelligence
Section VIII: Great Leaders Coach
Appendix: 7 Challenging Questions to Ask


You’re Crazy! How the Hell Are We Going to Do That?!

What Leaders Need to Do to Be Successful and Get Their People Fully Engaged and Fully Committed

by Joe Phillips

Great leadership is a killer differentiator. But not many businesses have it or even try to get it. This book is about what great leadership is and what it takes to achieve it.

Great leadership is challenging yourself and your team to a powerful, exciting vision and goals to the point where your people say, “You’re crazy, how the hell are we going to do that?” Then it’s working with them to develop, grow, and have insights about what needs to be done. Communication is key to all of these, so it must be done often and address not only the message you want to convey but also what your team needs to hear. Most people don’t deal well with uncertainty, so be as transparent as you can.

Although it is sometimes necessary to work in the business, it’s most important for the leader to spend most of their time working on the business. That means you need to surround yourself with good people who will challenge the organization like you do, and empower them to make decisions, even if it leads to some mistakes. Great leaders know that mistakes are not all bad, because people learn and grow from them.

Great leaders know that the culture of the business is what drives it. They know that the focus needs to be on the success of the business, not them, and they demonstrate that through their actions. Great leaders recognize and understand their moods, emotions, and drive, as well as their effect on others. They know they will get back from their people the behavior they exhibit, reward, and tolerate, and that will become the culture.

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About the Author


Joe Phillips
Joe Phillips


Joe Phillips is the Chairman of The BEST CEO Group. Prior to forming the Group thirteen years ago, he spent twenty-three years in the trenches, running businesses for others all over the world. As CEO of Western Digital Malaysia, Joe grew the business from $90 million to $1 billion in five years. He was a Vice President and Officer of one of the fastest growing start-ups in Orange County that grew to $144 million before being acquired. And he was recruited to lead the turnaround of three sick companies over a ten-year period.

Joe formed The BEST CEO Group to give back and to help a very select group of CEOs and business owners in San Diego improve their businesses, the bottom line, and make their powerful vision a reality. He knows we all make erroneous assumptions in our business, and that leads us to not considering some viable alternatives. If we were able to share our experiences and knowledge, be a sounding board, and challenge each other’s thinking, we could shorten our learning curve and improve our success ratio tremendously. That is what his Group is all about.

Joe has an Industrial Engineering degree from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the University of North Carolina. He has offices and lives in San Diego, California.

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