Videos from John Philpin Discussing the Sections of His Book,

For Business Owners Slapped in the Face by a World They Thought They Knew

The 5D Transition Method is designed to help business owners look at their life and business. It is meant to help them derive the right answers for themselves in dealing with a world that isn’t what they knew. It involves setting up and realizing one’s transition plan.

There is an urgency for business owners to change. A new world provides an opportunity for business owners to seize the moment. Succeeding in our new world is not a faraway dream. The moment to transition is right now!

Section 1 – Your World Has Changed

Section 2 – You Need to Transform to Change

Section 3 – Putting People First Is the Key to Success

Section 4 – If People Are the Key, Value Is the Lock

Section 5 – Plan to Transform – to Transition

Section 6 – Plan to Transition – to Transcend

Section 7 – Conclusion