Videos from Brian Searcy Discussing the Sections of His Book,

Prepare for The Real World

Situational awareness can be learned and can significantly decrease the likelihood of victimhood from any kind of threat. It comes with preparation, critical decision-making, and development and continuous practice of your own mindset, behaviors, and processes that prepare you when you identify that something is not right. These skills should be applied in our daily lives.

Every person is different, and every situation is unique. The key is to understand when to trust your instincts—your gut feeling—and what to do even before you are faced with any source of stress, danger, or anxiety.

This book will not tell you what to do, but it will provide guidance and education on how you can develop, practice and maintain your situational awareness.

Brian Searcy’s book – Call to Action

Brian Searcy’s book – Section I – Situational Awareness is a Process To Prevent, Remove, and Respond

Brian Searcy’s book – Section II – We Will Not Tell You What To Do

Brian Searcy’s book – Section III – There are a Lot of Threats According to the FBI

Brian Searcy’s book – Section IV – 10 Critical Skills You Need To Have

Brian Searcy’s book – Section V – Prevent (Identify, Assess, Predict)

Brian Searcy’s book – Section VI – Remove (Decide) and Respond (Act)

Brian Searcy’s book – Section VII – Life Is Better With Preparation

Brian Searcy’s book – Summary