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Released: December 2013


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Table of Contents

Section I: So You Want to Have Kids
Section II: Teaching a Toddler to Make Decisions
Section III: Empowering Kids to Manage Money
Section IV: Teaching Advocacy
Section V: Teaching Compassion, Sportsmanship, and Teamwork
Section VI: Setting Expectations Early
Section VII: Teaching Resilience
Section VIII: Delegating Responsibility
Section IX: Making Their Education Theirs
Section X: Forcing Independence (and Stop Being a Chauffeur)
Section XI: Landing the Helicopter
Section XII: Teaching through Tough Love
Section XIII: Uncapping Their Potential
Section XIV: What Happens If You Are Successful?


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#POWER KIDS tweet Book01

Raising Independent, Conscientious, Well-Adjusted, Responsible Young Adults

by Rudy Mui and Shirley Woo

Raising a child is a tough job. While there are no immediate qualifications to being a good parent, parenthood is one of the most difficult jobs anyone can take. Despite a growing number of parenting manuals and child psychology books, proper parenting techniques are as fast-changing as the times we live in.

#POWER KIDS tweet Book01: Raising Independent, Conscientious, Well-Adjusted, Responsible Young Adults aims to teach parents how to turn their kids into Power Kids – successful young adults who are motivated, self-confident, and independent. It combines practical parenting practices with groundbreaking child behavior insights.

#POWER KIDS tweet recognizes that successful young adults are defined during their formative years, using a mix of “tough love” and measured, yet thoughtful, compassion.

The book aims to teach parents how to enable their children. It outlines various ideas on how children can learn the value of money, make independent decisions, and face seemingly insurmountable adversity on their own. More importantly, the book does this in a way that is practical and convenient for real-world parents.

#POWER KIDS tweet provides 140 bite-sized nuggets of wisdom written specifically for on-the-go parents. It is a handy collection of tips designed to inspire and motivate parents to raise their child in an environment of positivity and empowerment, while giving parents the opportunity to think of ahas of their own. #POWER KIDS tweet was written to be concise, efficient, yet still incredibly effective. It provides the richness of a full-fledged parenting book without the long hours of reading.

Written by power couple Rudy Mui and Shirley Woo, #POWER KIDS tweet combines their collective experience as parents, entrepreneurs, and educators in one easy-to-read yet highly insightful package.

While the book was written for parents of any age, #POWER KIDS tweet is a perfect learning companion for legal guardians, educators, guidance counselors, and child psychologists looking for better ways to arm their children or students with the proper skills to face our increasingly competitive world.

#POWER KIDS tweet provides readers the tools they need to give children power – the power to define their own fate, discover their own person, and seek success born out of their own decisions.

#POWER KIDS tweet is part of the THiNKaha series whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).

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About the Authors


Rudy Mui
Rudy Mui


Rudy Mui is a serial entrepreneur, currently working in his sixth early-stage company. He has made over forty conference presentations/publications on various technical subjects. Rudy is a board member of and the newsletter editor for the U.S. Naval Academy’s Northern California Parents’ Association. Rudy is also a volunteer high school photographer, entrepreneurial mentor, and former chairman of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the IEEE Engineering Management Society.

Shirley Woo
Shirley Woo


Shirley Woo is a software engineer and working mother of three children. She has worked for many well-known companies in Silicon Valley, including ROLM, IBM, Centigram, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo!, and Barnes & Noble Nook Media.

She has a BS in computer engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Santa Clara University. Shirley is married to Rudy and they currently live in Los Gatos, California.