Empowering Business Owners to Overcome Speaking Fears Whether You're Talking with 1 Person or 1,000


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Table of Contents

Section I: Confident Content That Attracts Your Ideal Audience
Section II: Prepare Like a Pro So the Details Don’t Derail You
Section III: Rock Your Presentations
Section IV: Criticism Mindset and Heart-Set Reset to Gain the Confidence You Desire
Section V: Reject the Impact of Rejection So It Doesn’t Affect Your Success
Section VI: How to Use Failure as a Growth Strategy
Section VII: Get Your Nerves to Serve You Instead of Sabotaging You
Section VIII: Speaking with Clarity and Confidence in Any Situation



Empowering Business Owners to Overcome Speaking Fears Whether You’re Talking with 1 Person or 1,000

Enjoy Clear and Confident Communication Skills to Achieve Business Growth

by Marjorie Saulson

The fear of public speaking is common. Even the most confident public speakers in the world experience failures and rejections. Speaking — whether it’s in person, on stage, online, or on the phone; to just one person or to many — is the lifeblood of your business. When you let fear of public speaking keep you from effectively communicating, it can wreak havoc in your career or in your business.

Marjorie Saulson has been named both Top Speaking Coach of the Year and the Top Motivational Speaker of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals. She is the go-to public speaking coach and keynote speaker.

It is her vision to give the right support to business owners who want to overcome their fears. In this book, Marjorie shares specific strategies on how to sound like a pro and master the art of public speaking. Unleash your marketing, business, and communication skills from the expert herself.

Each of us has a unique message inside that we yearn to deliver — a message that enables us to share our gifts with the world. When you conquer your fear of public speaking, you will be able to open doors of opportunities for you and your business.

Empowering Business Owners to Overcome Speaking Fears Whether You’re Talking with 1 Person or 1,000 is part of the THiNKaha series, whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out AHA messages. Increase your online influence by picking up AHAthat, and easily share quotes from this book on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ via this link: http://aha.pub/OvercomeSpeakingFears

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About the Author


Marjorie Saulson
Marjorie Saulson


Business Communication Coach Marjorie Saulson is the president and CEO of Vibrant Vocal Power Inc. (https://www.vibrantvocalpower.com/).

She delights in empowering reluctant speakers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and volunteers to feel calm and confident in any speaking situation, whether they are speaking to one person or to a thousand.

Marjorie is a professionally trained singer and voice actor and often uses music and a variety of voices to get her points across in a humorous and memorable way.

She has graced the stage and led workshops in a variety of cities, including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Edmonton, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Winnipeg.

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