Next Generation IT Operations


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Table of Contents

Section I: The Changing Role of IT and Business
Section II: Moving to Cloud and Managing Multiple Vendors
Section III: Ensuring Ongoing Security and Compliance
Section IV: Monitoring, Reporting, and Taking Automatic Action
Section V: Delivering Service-Level Agreements to Clients
Section VI: The Future of IT
Section VII: Conclusion


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Next Generation IT Operations

Automated Hybrid IT Operations Management

by Ian Bromehead, Wes Cooper, Michael Procopio

It is a new world for IT Operations. Hybrid IT, DevOps, Shadow IT, the volume of data generated, end user experience sensitivity, and budget reductions keep IT Operations teams under pressure to deliver.

With 92 percent of respondents already using multiple clouds and 64 percent having applications with parts in multiple clouds, public or private, finding and fixing problems is harder than ever. Metric, event, log, and topology/dependency data are massive, more than any human can consume. IoT data is being added to the mix—a single twin engine jetliner produces 40TB of data per hour.

Gone are the days when Operations had weeks to provide a new server. With DevOps, the expectation is now hours or even minutes.

With cloud applications such as CRM, file sharing, and project management, users can go around IT by just pulling out their credit card. Beyond Shadow IT, if IT doesn’t perform well, it can all be outsourced, mostly to cloud vendors who will provide the service within days or hours of finalizing the purchase.

Consumers now have more choices than ever with the web. If service is slow, they can simply go to a different site. The end users’ experience is critical to be competitive and stay in business. With IT Operations budget reductions yet ever increasing business demand, operations teams have to do more with less—but how?

This book will answer these questions and others, giving you guidance for modern IT Operations Management.

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About the Authors


Ian Bromehead
Ian Bromehead


A thirty-five-year veteran in the industry, Ian Bromehead joined Hewlett Packard in 1986 and spent seventeen years in HP Consulting, where he delivered consulting services to large French accounts.

Ian has successfully delivered outcomes in enterprise architecture, ITSM/ITOM solution architecture, and IT Transformation projects. He held roles in the USA and Europe in business and partner development and technical alliances prior to his present position in global product marketing.

In his current role, Ian has led programs that have resulted in consistent double-digit growth over the last eight years of the Operations Bridge business within the Micro Focus ITOM portfolio.

Ian graduated with an honors degree at Sheffield University before he joined a small start-up focusing on industrial software development. He then moved to take responsibility of software development teams and international projects in France, tripling the team’s productivity in two years.

Ian lives near Lyon, France, where he enjoys restoring his old Triumph car, riding his motorbike, country walking, and listening to music.


Wes Cooper
Wes Cooper


Wes Cooper has spent much of his career with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Micro Focus, holding roles across multiple business units, including business development, sales, enablement, and product marketing. Today, he works in supporting the development and delivery of Go-To-Market strategies for the Operations Bridge. Wes lives in Dallas, Texas, with his family and enjoys traveling, kayaking, and participating in running events.


Michael Procopio
Michael Procopio


Michael Procopio is an author, keynote speaker, technologist, and marketer with twenty-five years of experience in pre-IPO and Fortune 500 high-tech organizations as a business leader and technology and marketing manager. He also has fifteen years in network and systems management as a solution architect, product manager, and technical marketing manager, is the author of fourteen books, and is a speaker at numerous conferences globally.

In his current role, Michael is a senior product marketing manager working on marketing programs for the Operations Bridge business within the Micro Focus ITOM portfolio. He lives in Morro Bay, California, where he enjoys science fiction movies and books, riding his bicycle, and being a foodie.



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