Hermione Granger's Unofficial Life Lessons and Words of Wisdom


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Hermione Granger’s Unofficial Life Lessons and Words of Wisdom

What Would Hermione (from the Harry Potter Series) Say?

by Euphemia Pinkerton Noble

If you could ask Hermione Granger, one of the main protagonists of the famous Harry Potter series, a question or seek her advice, what would you ask? We thought about that and created this unofficial book with what we perceive as her thoughts on very important topics in life, such as education, family, friends, dreams, and believing in oneself.

Hermione is, without a doubt, the brightest witch of her age, which is why she is looked up to by so many people. In this AHAbook, she shares with us tips and tricks to studying and how one can greatly increase their efficiency in education. As a Gryffindor, Hermione talks about bravery and courage and teaches us why we are bigger than our fears and greater than any obstacle. She speaks about the beauty of friendship and the value of family. Hermione tells us about how one’s journey through life can possibly go and how to best handle things that come our way. She definitely believes that dreams can come true if you just believe in yourself.

Hermione Granger’s Unofficial Life Lessons and Words of Wisdom is part of the AHAthat/THiNKaha series of books. AHAthat helps experts and thought leaders share their genius. The bite-sized morsels of wisdom within these physical and online books are easy to consume and share.

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About the Author


Hermione Granger’s Unofficial Life Lessons and Words of Wisdom
Euphemia Pinkerton Noble


Inspired from the same cemetery in Edingburgh, Scotland that Tom Riddle is buried in.

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Table of Contents

Section I: Knowledge and Learning
Section II: On Courage and Bravery
Section III: The Value of Friends and Family
Section IV: Overcoming Challenges
Section V: Chasing Dreams
Section VI: Thoughts on Life
Section VI: Believing in Yourself


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