Michele Scism on the Rules of Effective Content Marketing


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Table of Contents

Section I: The Proper Mindset
Section II: The Value of Online Presence and Social Proof
Section III: Content Creation
Section IV: Creating Your Content Marketing Strategy
Section V: Ways of Effective Content Marketing
Section VI: Being Clear and Simple
Section VII: Building The Audience You Are Going to Market To Your Audience
Section VIII: From Content to Cash


Michele Scism on the Rules of Effective Content Marketing

Why Your Content Marketing Execution Is Your Social Proof

by Michele Scism

The way we do business is constantly changing. So many people today are on social media, and it’s opened a door of opportunity for businesses—especially those that don’t have enough money to spend on ads and TV commercials. Putting your business online can help get the exposure you need to attract potential clients, and having a good content marketing strategy can help you attract the right kind of people.

In this book, Michele discusses how important having an online presence is and elaborates how having a website and using social media platforms can help a business grow and extend its reach. She emphasizes that having an interactive audience boosts your social proof, which is necessary to make help people want to know, like, and trust you. Sharing content that’s both engaging and relevant also attracts prospects to you.

Michele shares valuable tips on how to effectively build a content marketing strategy that will help with your brand awareness and authenticity. After all, an online presence, along with an effective content marketing strategy, can make your business grow tenfold.

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About the Author


Michele Scism
Michele Scism


Michele Scism is a decisive, driven, and committed entrepreneur who helps successful business owners create passive income streams so they can start enjoying the benefits of entrepreneurship. Her business expertise has been highlighted during her speech at Harvard and on NBC, CBS, Fox, Entrepreneur.com, and Forbes.com.

Michele is the founder and CEO of Decisive Minds (https://decisiveminds.com). Decisive Minds provides detailed and actionable strategies for online and offline marketing, pricing, revenue projection, sales, team building, and many more.

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