Contextual Collaborations!


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Table of Contents

Section I: Contextual Collaboration
Section II: On Learning and Growing
Section III: Engagement in Contextual Collaboration
Section IV: Young vs. Old Generation
Section V: Channels for Contextual Collaboration
Section VI: Collaboration in Government
Section VII: Platforms for Nonprofit Organizations
Section VIII: Making Leaders



Contextual Collaborations!

The Future of Work and Play Where You Can Do More for Less

by Steve Sudhir Chainani

With technology taking the world by storm, people and businesses need to change their ways and processes of doing things. Moving into the social age has given us an opportunity to collaborate with people from all over the world in realtime.

In this book, Steve Sudhir Chainani discusses the importance of collaboration and how interacting and sharing information with others can greatly improve us as people, as well as our businesses. With contextual collaboration, people can learn and grow from each other through various tools that current and future technology will bring us.

Steve shares his amazing insights on this topic through his years of experience in the technology and business department. Learn from the expert!

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About the Author


Steve Sudhir Chainani
Steve Sudhir Chainani


Steve Sudhir Chainani is the founder and CEO of Milnaa Media Pvt. Ltd ( He is the founder of award-winning, international technology firms across North America and Asia, spanning semiconductors, software and systems, ecommerce, and social media.

Steve has twenty-five years of relevant experience in start-ups, technology, marketing, finance, strategy, and leadership. His passion is creating forward-looking business models and then implementing advanced web-based platforms to deliver innovative solutions.


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