How We Can Be Greater Together


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Table of Contents

Section I: Why Is This Important Today?
Section II: Cultivate and Deepen Healthy Relationships
Section III: Attract Positive Visibility, Appreciation & Power
Section IV: Become More Frequently Quoted
Section V: Turn Around Fractious Situations
Section VI: Recognize and Optimize Best Talents
Section VII: Cultivate and Strengthen Teams and Groups




How We Can Be Greater Together

Want a Happier, More Meaningful & More Productive Life?

by Kare Anderson

Perhaps you, too, are sometimes overwhelmed by work tasks, the flood of wrenching news, or folks who repeatedly try to get you to do something for them. Even well-intended folks can cause problems and missed opportunities. This may be a good time to take a breather and enjoy fresh insights on how to forge beautiful relationships in this day and age.

Discover specific ways to engage with others who are mutually productive, time saving, meaningful, and even fun. Through a mutuality mindset, you can find co-partners to help you achieve your goals and in turn, help them achieve theirs. Learn more about growing friendships, increasing your capacity, and attracting the better side of those who oppose you.

Find out exactly how to be involved in the power of pull, rather than push. In your work, cause, club, and social life, discover ways that you can accomplish more while uplifting and attracting others. Discover ways to be more frequently quoted, sought after, and appreciated. Learn how to empower others by making them feel heard and how this can result in being greater together.


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About the Author


Kare Anderson
Kare Anderson


Kare Anderson has a TED talk viewed by over 2.5 million folks. She’s is an Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter. She is now a speaker and author focusing on connective behavior and quotability.

Kare is often cited for her tips on her speaking topics, including, “Mutuality Matters” “Become an Opportunity Maker,” “Becoming an Unforgettable Face of Your Company,” and “Turn Employees into Ardent, Articulate Ambassadors of Your Brand,” among others.

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