A Round Peg in a Square World

Videos from Laura Mineff Discussing the Sections of His Book,

A Round Peg in a Square World

Laura Mineff created the Universal Design Method to relieve people of their inhibitions by breaking down their fears. Practitioners of the Universal Design Method follow an approach that allows them the insight to generate the courage they need to get to the next step in their lives.

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Section I – “Appreciating the vortex”

Section II – “Are your “spidey senses” signaling it is time for a change?”

Section III – “Where do you find the courage to take the next step?”

Section IV – “Creating a new mindset and releasing the fear”

Section V – “Change your atmosphere so you can see new opportunities”

Section VI – “Finding joy in your journey”

Section VII – “What’s next? It’s time to make a new plan”