Hero or Villain? Pick a Side


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Table of Contents

Section I: It’s Time to Pick a Side
Section II: A New Executive Approach
Section III: Heroes Celebrate and Capitalize on Diversity
Section IV: Because It Matters
Section V: Trust is the Accelerant
Section VI: Success Through Your Community
Section VII: The CEO is The Chief Growth Officer
Section VIII: Put on The Cape







Hero or Villain? Pick a Side

Your Organization’s Future Depends On It

by Tricia Benn

Because It Matters is written to help business leaders understand what it takes to elevate their businesses to the next level. It’s about building your company, and your team, around a mission and making the world better through your business. Charity work isn’t the only way to help your community. Paying your employees well, and helping turn them into heroes who can lead change and great democracies is good for the community and for your business.

Learn how business leaders can drive results and tear down old models. Heroes give, innovate, and leader. We’re here to help you understand how.

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About the Author


Tricia Benn
Tricia Benn


Tricia Benn is a Partner and Executive Vice-President of the C-Suite Network and the General Manager of The Hero Club, a group of CEOs, founders, and investors who commit to a life balance of hard work while giving back to the communities in which they serve. Benn is a results-driven executive looking to lead teams across the organization, bring in new partnerships and build new business models to monetize growth and opportunity within these powerful communities. Her goal is to transform businesses by creating a movement of collaboration, that leads with integrity, transparency, and measure success beyond the numbers alone. Through a number of networking events, relevant content and other services, her mission is to support c-level executives and other entrepreneurs achieve professional success.

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