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Table of Contents

Section I: Be Your Own Boss
Section II: Take the First Step
Section III: Attract a Great Team
Section IV: Road to Success
Section V: Become a High-Achiever
Section VI: Points to Ponder



Useful Life Lessons from a Recovering Serial Entrepreneur

by Alex Mandossian

Alexisms is a handbook of witty, wise, and even wacky life lessons expressed in one to two phrases. Each phrase is an idea curated from over twenty-five years of experience from business breakthroughs, challenges, and turning points the author has had as a Master Virtual Presenter. Each Alexism is a “slice-of-life” vignette that Alex Mandossian has expressed on stage, online, or while mentoring his serial entrepreneur clients.

Alexisms are ideal to share on Twitter, Facebook, or blogs because they are rich with insight and full of flair to spark social conversations. Each Alexism is intended to inspire and motive readers on what matters most in order to move the needle in their businesses, while reminding them to beware of distractions that can cripple and stunt their marketing reach and exposure.

After reading this book, you will:

  • Have more humor about the areas in business where you feel stuck.
  • Be less reactive and more “responsive” to unmet expectations in business.
  • Have anecdotal quotes/ideas to utilize your books, speeches, or events.
  • Create better and more inspirational ways to interact with your business teams.
  • Become more entertaining, borrowing Alexisms when the time is right.

Alexisms is part of the THiNKaha series, whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out AhaMessages. Increase your influence by picking up the Aha Amplifier to easily share Alex’s quotes on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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About the Author


Alex Mandossian
Alex Mandossian


Since 1993, Alex Mandossian has generated over $400 million in sales and profits for his students, clients, and partners on five continents. He is the Founder of, and his enrollment strategies helped transform his annual income in 2001 into a monthly income by 2003, and eventually into an hourly income by 2006. By 2007, his proven online marketing strategies generated $1.2 million in less than twenty-nine minutes during one magical product launch.

Alex is acknowledged by his colleagues as the “Warren Buffet of the Internet” because of his unique ability to make money for his students and joint venture partners. He has shared the stage with diverse leaders such as Sir Richard Branson, Harvey Mackay, Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, Mikhail Gorbachev, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

As a Master “Virtual Presenter” with over 22,000 hours of online training time, Alex’s lifetime goal (with his colleague, Jack Canfield) is to influence over one million other trainers by his 77th birthday.

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