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Smile Your Way Through Life With Marge Powers’ “Something to Smile About”

Influential ideas on how to bring the best out of every day


CUPERTINO, CA – July 17, 2017 – Each one of us has come to a point where we've struggled and faced problems. It's unavoidable. Whatever we do, problems keep coming our way. Do you let these hardships get the best of you? Do you let them ruin your entire day? How do you deal with all the negativity?

Marge Powers, a professional NLP Life Learning Practitioner and author, brings us a compelling and inspirational book on how to find something worth smiling about despite the difficulties we encounter. “Something to Smile About” gives us some of the best worthwhile ideas on how to handle negativity and see the positive side of things.

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“Life is short and full of hardships. Smile despite the circumstances and don’t let negativity define you. Some days, it is easy to smile. Some days, it is not. If you’re having one of those days, you should check out this book,” says Mitchell Levy @happyabout, The AHA Guy Thought Leader at AHAthat™ (

Here are a few of the uplifting AHAmessages™ from this book:

  • It takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown, so why not give smiling a try? #MadeYouSmile @MagicPowers2

  • Smiling is about feeling happy and letting your face express it. You open to all that? #MadeYouSmile @MagicPowers2

  • Here’s a very simple trick to smiling: imagine you see something you really like. Voila! #MadeYouSmile @MagicPowers2

  • Happiness is our Basic Nature. It is right where you are. Look around and give yourself permission to smile. #MadeYouSmile @MagicPowers2

  • Want to smile? Eat some comfort food, works every time. #MadeYouSmile @MagicPowers2

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