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Share the Positive Vibes and Say, “Have a Little Fun Every Day, Don’t Save It Up!” in 100 languages

Unique ways to say, “Have A Little Fun Every Day, Don’t Save It Up!”


CUPERTINO, CA – July 14, 2017 – Have you ever been stressed out with school or work or maybe even with life itself? We’ve all had those days where we feel like happiness has disappeared from our very souls, and it takes a toll on ourselves and the people around us. “Have a Little Fun Every Day, Don’t Save It Up!” is a phrase that can motivate you and those around you to let loose and spread positivity.

The author, Joel Helfer@joelhelfer1, is an AM talk radio producer, an Amazon bestselling author, speaker, and current talk show host on Main Street Mavericks Radio. He has written numerous articles for many trade publications, most recently, Small Business Edge Magazine and Small Business Trendsetters, and has been quoted in his hometown papers, The Daily Herald and The Chicago Sun Times.

To learn how to automatically share AHAmessages from this book, check out this video: https://youtu.be/tZL9uNGXCZ0. To learn how to automatically share via AHAblaster, please watch: https://youtu.be/KZvI_1_yNrU.

“Life is too short to be constantly stressed out. Look for something fun and exciting in each day, even though there are days where you need to look a little harder. Share smiles, bond with family and friends, treat yourself to a movie, or eat at your favorite restaurant. Be happy each and every day because you deserve it!” says Mitchell Levy @happyabout, the AHA Guy Thought Leader at AHAthat (http://AHAthat.com).

Here are a few of the “Have a Little Fun Every Day, Don't Save It Up!”phrases in multiple languages that you can share from this book:

  • Magkaroon ng Isang Munting Kasiyahan Araw-Araw, Huwag Pigilan! (#FunEveryDay in Filipino) http://aha.pub/FunEveryDay @joelhelfer1

  • Avoir un peu de plaisirtous les jours, Do not Save It Up! (#FunEveryDay in French) http://aha.pub/FunEveryDay @joelhelfer1

  • Haben Sie einwenigSpaßjeden Tag, tun Sie esnichtsparen! (#FunEveryDay in German) http://aha.pub/FunEveryDay @joelhelfer1

  • Loaa he Little Fun kela Day, Mai E hoola It Up! (#FunEveryDay in Hawaiian) http://aha.pub/FunEveryDay @joelhelfer1

  • Et paulo fun quotidieNoliSalvum Est! (#FunEveryDay in Latin) http://aha.pub/FunEveryDay @joelhelfer1

This AHAbook has over 100 translations of the phrase popularized by Joel Helfer as a tribute to his dad. Spread its valuable message to other people by sharing this link, http://aha.pub/FunEveryDay, or by simply putting, "aha.pub/FunEveryDay," in your social media status. Because wherever you may be and whomever you're with, there's sure to be a bunch of activities you can do and enjoy to bring out the happiness within you!

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