Free book offered as contest prize!

Have you ever considered having a contest on your website or blog, ailment but been stumped as to what to do? THINKaha has the answer – use one of the THINKahat books as a prize for your contest. THINKaha offers the prize for free, with little or no hassle – keep reading below…


Our contest rules for receiving the free book are simple;


  1. Fill out the form below to let us know you are interested, and include your web address and what the contest will be about (we will contact you with any questions).
  2. Your website must link to the book page being offered as the prize (i.e. The Phenomenal Product Manager).
  3. We must have the link to your contest page, or if you have a blog, use the form below to send us the contest details before you post it to your blog. (the point here is to ensure we only endorse legitimate contests)
  4. Contest must run at least 2 weeks.
  5. At contest conclusion, send Happy About the physical address, e-mail address and phone number of the contest winner and we’ll send out the book.