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Table of Contents

Section I: Welcome to College!
Section II:What Do You Want?
Section III: Success Habits
Section IV: Developing Your Network
Section V: Using Technology
Section VI: Balancing Your Life
Section VII: Taking Care of Yourself
Section VIII: Food and Drink
Section IX: Emotional Surprises
Section X: Other Common Issues
Section XI: You’re Graduating—Stay in Touch




#10: Try writing a five-year plan and see what you imagine as you envision your future. Look at it five years later. You’ll be surprised.

#39: Sometimes extracurricular activities can provide more job experience than your studies. Seek out clubs that feed your passions.

#60: Back up your computer. This bears repeating many times. Back up your computer. Back up your computer. Back up your computer. Enough said?

#119: Education is about change, possibly even transformation. Change is stressful. Don’t be surprised if you feel anxious at times.

#140: Alma Mater means nourishing mother. That’s how schools like to think of themselves. Keep Mother happy by letting her know how you’re doing.

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tweet Book01

140 Bite-Sized Ideas to Help You Succeed in College

by Marie B. Highby and Julia C. Schmitt

Success in high school does not necessarily translate into success at college. Entering college marks the transition to adulthood, which is why decisions made during the freshman year at college tend to impact the rest of a student’s college experience—and the rest of life. So how can students ensure that they survive and thrive in college? The bite-sized, common-sense, direct-to-action ideas in #STUDENT SUCCESS tweet will set entering freshman—and all college students—on the path to college success. This unique book will help students develop the tools, skills, and habits that are the prerequisites for success in college and in future careers.

Authors Marie B. Highby and Julia C. Schmitt are ideally situated to share wisdom and ideas on the college experience. Marie, leadership coach and college instructor, brings to the book her first-hand experience working with students at San Jose State University. Julia, a recent Stanford grad as well as an environmental consultant and entrepreneur, brings the perspective of her own college experience along with the insights she’s developed in her networking with current college students as well as other recent alums.

Among many other things, readers of #STUDENT SUCCESS tweet will learn to plan their college careers proactively, establish healthy social networks, find the balance between life, class, and work, handle universal issues like emotional stress and homesickness, and navigate the way to be successful college graduates, learning lessons for life.

#STUDENT SUCCESS tweet walks new college students through the big-picture life issues as well as the mundane yet unavoidable details associated with university life, all in a format that fits busy student schedules. Each tweet can be read in an instant—between classes, during a study break—and over time forms an “aha” moment to reflect upon and put into practice. This is the perfect quick guide to college for a time-crunched freshman, as well as a book containing sound advice for any young person.

#STUDENT SUCCESS tweet is part of the THiNKaha series whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out quotations (tweets/ahas).

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About the Authors


Marie Highby
Marie Highby


Marie B. Highby is a leadership coach, college instructor, and communications guru who taught writing at San Jose State University. She is currently active in the open textbook movement and involved with new technologies for teaching and learning. Marie holds an MBA from the Darden School of the University of Virginia and an MA in English from Duke University.

Julia C. Schmitt
Julia C. Schmitt


Environment and sustainability consultant, dance teacher, and entrepreneur, Julia C. Schmitt graduated from Stanford with two degrees and a lot of knowledge about the ins and outs of college life gleaned from personal experience, keen observation, mentor advice, and stories from her peers. For years she has successfully mentored college students and tweeted her tidbits of advice as a way to give back.