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Table of Contents

Section I: The Value of Physical Networking
Section II: The Advantages of Hosting Your Own Networking Event
Section III: Strategies for Being Successful at Physical Networking Events
Section IV: Your Keys to Success in Building a Good Referral Network
Section V: Complement Your Physical Networking with Social Media
Section VI: Pitfalls of Networking to Avoid
Section VII: Concluding Thoughts



The Art of Face-to-Face Networking in the Digital Era

by Steven David Elliot and Nick Cioffi

Physical networking can bring about big opportunities for you and your business. The people you meet when you network can help you achieve your goals if you do it right. Trust is something that you have to earn if you want people to do business with you and refer you. To be effective in networking, you need to present yourself as someone who’s authentic and can bring in value to the table. You also need to make use of the tools available to leverage the in-person meeting and networking that you’ve done.

Attending networking events is one way of getting to meet individuals that can potentially be part of your sphere of influence. However, hosting your own networking event is much more beneficial and rewarding. When you host your own networking event, you don’t need to introduce yourself as much because those participating will want to get to know you before even meeting you.

If you want to take your business to a higher level, you need to have people supporting you. For it’s true that “As an individual, we may fail, but as a group, we can succeed.”

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About the Author


Steven David Elliot and Nick Cioffi
Steven David Elliot and Nick Cioffi


Steven David Elliot, CVO, created the Rockstar Connect program through years of experimentation and implementation. His networking events are legendary and are recognized as the “most successful and active in the world.” He teaches that, through altruistic acts, you will be rewarded with material and spiritual abundance. As a REALTOR®, salesperson, connector, coach, and marketing expert, he has harnessed his ability to find options and solutions, limit them to the best, and help his clients select the outcomes to achieve their goals through active face-to-face networking.

Nick Cioffi is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer for Rockstar Connect. He expanded Rockstar Connect from a one-off local event to a international company in hundreds of markets. His background in event creation and planning spans several years, and he is well known as a networking innovator. Through networking, he has grown his network into the thousands and established himself as a major influencer in the networking arena.

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