Transforming Key Staff to Thought Leaders

How can your organization stand out? In today’s world where an organization’s prospects have access to more information about their industry, key firms in that industry, and customer testimonials of other companies’ products and services, how can any organization stand out? In some industries, buyers have conducted 90% of their research on the Internet prior to talking to any firms to make their purchasing decisions. How do you make sure that your firm is not only at the table, but has a strong seat at it? It’s simple, two words: thought leadership!

Thought leadership as an intangible asset is not just nice to have…
but a CRITICAL leaver for business growth!

With the changing environment that the Internet and social media is bringing about, it’s not as much about the global organization, but the individual experts ==> thought leaders at organizations whose names you associate with expertise in their respective niches. These thought leaders are being supported by their organizations to write/crowdsource books and eBooks, articles, blogs, tweets, speak at conferences and webinars, as well as getting quoted in traditional media on events and trends in the marketplace.

Do any of these questions and answers resonate with you?:

  1. Do you have experts in your organization that are (or should be) thought leaders in their field? ==> If not, you should, because your prospects and customers are attracted to thought leaders.
  2. Do you want to have your experts invited to speak at key events and participate in thought leadership webinars to share their valuable insights? ==> If not, why not? It’s relatively easy to create thought leaders these days that will be evangelists for your firm.
  3. Are you looking for coaching of your thought leaders to help them build their strategy for the rest of the year or help them create and execute their 3- to 5-year plans? ==> If you answered yes to questions 1, 2, or 3, you are on the path to answer “YES” to this next question:
  4. Are you looking for more business to walk in the door?

We create a solution with you using our THiNKaha processes to move your experts to thought leaders. When you have these thought leaders as gurus in your business, your competitive edge becomes apparent and their efforts will drive increased business success.

There is no “one size fits all” template to follow, but rather conversations and processes that are specifically designed and crafted for your situation–what you want your people to do, and where you want your people to go. We’ve worked with the authors/experts of over 200 books we have published, creating assets while providing personalized coaching and guidance these experts have used to transition themselves from expert to thought leader. We have also worked with our experts to create guru quality webinars which have touched thousands of participants. Sound interesting? These programs are designed and delivered by Mitchell Levy, Thought Leader Architect and CEO of THiNKaha.

“Mitchell has been my guide through the publishing world, enabling me to write & publish my first solo business book (and, since, a second co-authored book plus a third co-authored book for which we just submitted our manuscript). Mitchell has a great understanding of traditional publishing and has created a terrific niche for helping experts become gurus. His process and team are top-notch – and serve to build the best content in a terrific form for any first-time author. Mitchell has become a friend, as well, reflecting our values-alignment and joy of working together.”
Chris Edmonds, Senior Consultant, The Ken Blanchard Companies

“Mitchell is the most forward-looking, high energy, and creative entrepreneur I’ve met in years. The phrase, “think outside the box” describes him perfectly — he spends all of his time creating, exploring and imagineering new paradigms in business and in society. Just spending a few hours with him will leave you thinking and creating in new ways. If you want to take your business to a new and higher level, Mitchell is the person who can facilitate that next step.”
Hanoch McCarty, Director of Training,, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Mitchell LevyMitchell Levy is the CEO and Thought Leader Architect at THiNKaha who has created and operated fifteen firms and partnerships since 1997. He and his team are brought into corporations to turn their experts into recognized thought leaders. He is an Amazon bestselling author with twenty one business books, he has provided strategic consulting to over one hundred companies, has advised over five hundred CEOs on critical business issues through the CEO networking groups he’s run, and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company. Get a free copy of the eBook Mitchell Levy on Creating Thought Leaders at the Aha Amplifier, read about thought leadership best practices on the LinkedIn group, or watch a new thought leader each week on Thought Leader Life. Read more and connect at his page.

Interested in having us help you create thought leaders in your organization? We have three price points/expected outcomes to consider. Check out this PDF for details.

 “I worked with Mitchell on two different books doing multiple versions. Mitchell has served as a mentor and friend to me over the years. He helped me become a better speaker by giving me excellent and candid advice. I appreciate his ability to narrow down on changes that I can make to be better at my job(s). If you develop a relationship with Mitchell you will find him to be honest, thoughtful, sincere and knowledgeable. He is a leader who goes out of his way to help. What more could you want in a professional relationship?”
Jason Alba, CEO, Jibber Jabber, Author, I’m on LinkedIn–Now What???

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