Melissa Lamson on #WomenAdvance


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Table of Contents

Section I: Communication
Section II: Networking
Section III: Self-Promotion
Section IV: Bridging Cultures
Section V: Leadership


Melissa Lamson on #WomenAdvance

How Female Leaders Can Take Charge of Their Own Careers

by Melissa Lamson

Women hold 85% of the buying power globally, make up over 50% of the workforce, and there are three times as many female-owned start-ups as male-owned. Yet, there are still barriers to women who want to rise to the top of today’s most successful corporations. Some of these are external, but many are in control of women themselves. We need to accept that there are differences between the genders and that we can leverage those differences for the benefit of the business at hand. Women are good at building relationships and leading with compassion; men are more focused in their communication style and can let criticism roll off them. These aren’t just stereotypes, but qualities that companies can profit from to create innovation and meet the demands of today’s diverse marketplace.

#WomenAdvance will provide insights, tips, and tools to support women in their career growth and leadership goals. By being aware of external barriers, removing internal barriers, and learning how to handle complex situations with confidence, women will have more opportunity to rise to the top of any organization they choose. Read #WomenAdvance with gusto, and devour its contents. Women, see you in the boardroom!

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About the Author


Melissa Lamson
Melissa Lamson


Melissa Lamson has been a sought after consultant, refining executive presence and transforming careers. She holds particular expertise in Diversity Leadership and has worked with hundreds of female executives, assisting their professional development and accelerating their career paths. Her clients include universities, non-profits, small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies. Melissa is passionate about helping to create happy, healthy, and equitable organizations. Learn more at


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