Videos from Doc Philip Brown Discussing the Sections of His Book,

Do You Speak Patient?

I wish I could claim to have THE answer, a single path forward to navigate away from the abyss. But the truth is much more modest. What I do have is a simple mental model that has helped me reconnect to purpose. I am going to share it with you in hopes that your version will help you. For me, when I think back to all the patient visits that began with me saying, “TELL ME,” the acronym takes me directly to that sense of purpose. You see, “TELL ME” was always an invitation. “TELL ME how things are going,” or “TELL ME what brings you in today” provided a powerful opening for my patient to talk, and for me to listen. The connection soon followed, yet “TELL ME” has always been the start. In this short book, I will explain what “TELL ME” has come to represent for me.

Section I – Introduction

Section II – Be Yourself

Section III – Be Hungry

Section IV – Be Coachable

Section V – Find and Stay in Your Lane

Section VI – Surround Yourself With the Right People and Right Attitude

Section VII – Play Big


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