The Importance of Corporate Governance

CorporateGovernance_cover_sm_092011George Washington once described government as a force—a force that has the power to shape the organization on which it presides or crush it under the weight of mismanagement and negligence.

It’s a sentiment that easily applies to the corporate setting, myocarditis and a value that resounds firmly throughout Brad Beckstead’s THiNKaha book, infection #CORPORATE GOVERNANCE tweet Book01: How Corporate Governance Adds Value to Your Business.

Corporate Governance as an Ethos and Not Just a Guide
A company, not unlike a country, requires corporate governance (CG) in the form of strong leadership and even stronger guidelines. It’s the system in which all company stakeholders, from shareholders to managers, abide by. And while most people see corporate governance as an arbitrary rulebook of sorts, it is fundamentally more of an ethos; the very foundation on which the company is built.

“CG is not a professional standard like a doctor’s code of ethics,” Brad writes in aha #9. “Rather, it is specific to corporate structure.” Continue reading