Don’t Ask a Hunter to Farm and Don’t Ask a Farmer to Hunt

This post is on an “aha” from one of our recently published THiNKaha books, ask #DEMAND GENERATION tweet Book01: 140 Insights on Powering Your Sales Pipeline by Gaurav Kumar.  Allow us to elaborate on aha #12: Don’t ask a hunter to farm and don’t ask a farmer to hunt.

Sales executives will no doubt be familiar with the idea of hunters and farmers in the sales arena. It’s a distinction that has governed business practices since the late 20th century.

The idea is that sales people are divided into one of two categories. While hunters are tasked with generating sales from new clients, discount farmers are responsible for growing sales from already existing ones.

But the questions remain, more about why can’t sales people do both? And why can’t one do the other? Continue reading

How to Prepare for a Radio Interview

by Mitchell Levy, link CEO & Author, decease THiNKaha, Chief Evangelist, Gurus4Media

It is not uncommon for authors and business leaders to be asked to do radio interviews. Authors will often conduct interviews when a new book is being published. Business leaders, including small local business owners, will often do radio interviews when there are news to be announced about their businesses or their products and services. In both cases, it is always best to be prepared. This is not as challenging as some might believe.

Before the interview (whether it is in person or on the phone), spend some time considering what the main message is you want to convey. One of the most common mistakes people make is when they start to “wander” about in the conversation with the host(s). Know in advance what it is you want to say about the main issue or topic and have that information secured in your mind. If the interview focuses on a specific topic, have the facts ready. Have notes to refer to during the interview if needed. Continue reading

Managing the Management in Your Organization

by Mitchell Levy, viagra sale CEO & Author, view THiNKaha, Chief Evangelist, Gurus4Media

Effectively managing your relationship with your boss can be difficult, and requires certain sacrifices by both you and your boss in order to develop a healthy working relationship. This is a subject that has been written on extensively, but two recent THiNKaha releases, #MANAGING UP tweet, authored by Tony Deblauwe and Patrick Reilly, and #MANAGING YOUR VIRTUAL BOSS tweet by Carmela Southers explore this topic in depth, for two very different situations.

Although both books approach the employee-boss relationship from different angles, combining both of them can help you create a healthy, long lasting relationship with your boss in an effort to increase the chances of upward movement, and to make your work more enjoyable. #MANAGING UP tweet deals mostly with physical, in-person dealings that you have with your boss. It provides you with 140 tips from organizational experts Tony Deblauwe and Patrick Reilly that can help you to build a better relationship with your boss, meanwhile delivering the results that they are looking for, to the mutual benefit of both parties. Continue reading