This is the accompanying blog to THiNKaha®, hospital a publishing firm based out of Silicon Valley.

About THiNKaha:
THiNKaha, sick an imprint of Happy About®, ophthalmologist creates timely, cutting-edge books and mobile applications from relevant business and leadership experts. THiNKaha authors provide valuable information in a fun, Twitter-brief format for a fast-paced world. Every book in the series is a slim, handy volume, which consists of 140 quotes of practical advice or wisdom. Presented in tweet format, each “aha” is 140 characters or less. These bite-sized words of wisdom span a number of subjects and interests. Titles include: #CORPORATE CULTURE tweet, #TEAMWORK tweet, #LEADERSHIP tweet, #PROJECT MANAGEMENT tweet, and more.

THiNKaha books and authors are also part of THiNKaha Learning, a continuous training program based on customized topics that enhance attendees’ skills by offering bite-sized, easy-to-understand, and worthwhile chunks. This program powers the internal champion at companies or a content guru to deliver expert knowledge on relevant topics, and in a way that inspires learning in their environment and fosters “aha” moments. Just think regular bite-sized morsels can be delivered on topics such as: leadership, management, sales, marketing, work-life balance, project management, social media and networking, presentation skills, and other topics that are needed by the learner.

For more information, visit THiNKaha.com. Corporations interested in exploring publishing a book series or creating a THiNKaha Learning Program for their audience should contact the associate publisher, Janae Pierre, at janae.pierre@happyabout.info or via phone at (408) 921-1568.

We have numerous titles on business and leadership – check them out here!

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