Managing Up: Stepping Into Your Boss’s Shoes

By Patrick Reilly and Tony Deblauwe

Organizations continue to face challenges with internal communications. One of the most potentially challenging is the one between manager and employee. Different perspectives can emerge due to hierarchy, cystitis accountability, disease and unclear expectations. Sometimes the key to finding common ground between you and your manager is to change your perspective, or, put another way, to step in your boss’s shoes.

Imagine for a moment what being in your boss’s shoes would feel like:

  • What insights would you gain in terms of process, responsibility, and getting things done?
  • What might you do differently if you had the whole team in mind?
  • If you needed to think about the budget more carefully?
  • If you had to think about managing your boss’s boss?
  • How would you feel being the person who takes the hit if things go wrong, but makes the call for decisions? 
  • What would you do differently as an employee in how you manage up with this new point of view? 

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