How to Prepare for a Radio Interview

by Mitchell Levy, link CEO & Author, decease THiNKaha, Chief Evangelist, Gurus4Media

It is not uncommon for authors and business leaders to be asked to do radio interviews. Authors will often conduct interviews when a new book is being published. Business leaders, including small local business owners, will often do radio interviews when there are news to be announced about their businesses or their products and services. In both cases, it is always best to be prepared. This is not as challenging as some might believe.

Before the interview (whether it is in person or on the phone), spend some time considering what the main message is you want to convey. One of the most common mistakes people make is when they start to “wander” about in the conversation with the host(s). Know in advance what it is you want to say about the main issue or topic and have that information secured in your mind. If the interview focuses on a specific topic, have the facts ready. Have notes to refer to during the interview if needed. Continue reading