Managing the Management in Your Organization

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Effectively managing your relationship with your boss can be difficult, and requires certain sacrifices by both you and your boss in order to develop a healthy working relationship. This is a subject that has been written on extensively, but two recent THiNKaha releases, #MANAGING UP tweet, authored by Tony Deblauwe and Patrick Reilly, and #MANAGING YOUR VIRTUAL BOSS tweet by Carmela Southers explore this topic in depth, for two very different situations.

Although both books approach the employee-boss relationship from different angles, combining both of them can help you create a healthy, long lasting relationship with your boss in an effort to increase the chances of upward movement, and to make your work more enjoyable. #MANAGING UP tweet deals mostly with physical, in-person dealings that you have with your boss. It provides you with 140 tips from organizational experts Tony Deblauwe and Patrick Reilly that can help you to build a better relationship with your boss, meanwhile delivering the results that they are looking for, to the mutual benefit of both parties.

#MANAGING YOUR VIRTUAL BOSS tweet by Carmela Southers deals more with virtual bosses, (i.e., dealing with your boss online). If you are telecommuting to work, it can be very difficult for you to build a meaningful relationship with your boss. Southers provides 140 tips to help you reduce stress, leverage more independence in your dailywork, and create a meaningful relationship with a boss that you may not see or talk to often.

Combining the lessons in both books leave you well-equipped to deal with a variety of different situations. There are many jobs that combine both the in-person aspect of building relationships with your boss, as well as attempting to show reliability and increase independence when dealing with them online. Any job that entails significant traveling is going to require that you maintain contact with your boss while on the road, and the lessons provided in #MANAGING YOUR VIRTUAL BOSS tweet can benefit you, even if you are not a telecommuting employee, as far as proper business etiquette online is concerned.

This, combined with #MANAGING UP tweet, can leave you well-rounded and educated on creating a lasting and meaningful relationship with your boss, while properly showing your dedication to the company and the cause. It can result in a decrease in stress, a much more pleasurable work life, and a higher chance of upward movement within the company that you are working for.

Both books have been well received on various social media networks, including Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, receiving numerous re-tweets and mentions from satisfied readers. If you are interested in better understanding the boss-employee relationship, strengthen your bonds with your boss, and create a relationship for productive collaboration and negotiation moving into the future, both #MANAGING UP tweet and #MANAGING YOUR VIRTUAL BOSS tweet can help you do so. The boss-employee relationship can be tough to understand from both perspectives, but taking time to create a meaningful relationship can be to the benefit of both parties involved.

About #MANAGING UP tweet:

Tony Deblauwe, founder of the cutting-edge HR firm, HR4Change and Patrick Reilly, president of Resources in Action, Inc., have extensive experience working with corporations large and small to coach leaders and employees alike how to manage and optimize human relationships in the workplace. In #MANAGING UP tweet, they show you how to successfully navigate the right way to manage your boss to the mutual benefit of both parties and the organization. This timely and handy volume cuts to the chase “bytes” of wisdom that reveal how you can build effective communication and rapport upwards that will reverberate throughout your team. A quick and valuable read to supercharge your productivity, career, and job satisfaction so that you achieve optimum alignment with your boss and the organization.


Remote work, distributed teams, and virtual managers are a reality for many thousands in today’s workforce. Carmela Southers, author of #MANAGING YOUR VIRTUAL BOSS tweet, has built her career in virtual work and shares her wisdom with practicality and eloquence. Among other things, she shows you how to be more aware of what your boss needs from you, communicate in a way that conveys your dedication, improve personal discipline, and gain trust and confidence as a virtual contributor. Read Carmela’s book to master practical strategies that you can use to ensure your success.

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