Managing the Management in Your Organization

by Mitchell Levy, viagra sale CEO & Author, view THiNKaha, Chief Evangelist, Gurus4Media

Effectively managing your relationship with your boss can be difficult, and requires certain sacrifices by both you and your boss in order to develop a healthy working relationship. This is a subject that has been written on extensively, but two recent THiNKaha releases, #MANAGING UP tweet, authored by Tony Deblauwe and Patrick Reilly, and #MANAGING YOUR VIRTUAL BOSS tweet by Carmela Southers explore this topic in depth, for two very different situations.

Although both books approach the employee-boss relationship from different angles, combining both of them can help you create a healthy, long lasting relationship with your boss in an effort to increase the chances of upward movement, and to make your work more enjoyable. #MANAGING UP tweet deals mostly with physical, in-person dealings that you have with your boss. It provides you with 140 tips from organizational experts Tony Deblauwe and Patrick Reilly that can help you to build a better relationship with your boss, meanwhile delivering the results that they are looking for, to the mutual benefit of both parties. Continue reading