Writing a book helps you select the best clients

Many coaches, rx consultants, hair and professional service providers agree that writing and publishing a book can attract more prospective clients. But, rubella there’s more to this “attraction factor” than just attracting more new prospects. The big benefit is the ability you can be more selective in choosing the clients you agree to work with.

The power that published books give authors to be more selective was driven home to me recently, when I interviewed author Carmine Gallo for Published & Profitable.

Carmine Gallo is the author of 2 of the most important–and bestselling–recent business books; The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and the Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs.

Carmine Gallo is a communications coach to the world’s most admired brands, and Carmine Gallo is a writer and columnist with many A-list business publications. His Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs was an immediate Amazon.com Top 100 book, and it continues to be a Top 10 bestseller in several important Amazon.com business categories.

So, why did Carmine Gallo want to write another book?

Towards the end of our interview, I asked Carmine Gallo–whose Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs was already earning healthy royalties–why he decided to immediately write another book.

I asked Carmine, “How much of a difference will the income from the book make the new book worthwhile?” He paused, then replied:

“It’s not the money; the big benefit is the ability to be even more selective in choosing the clients I agree to work with.”


Think about Carmine’s response when you’re reviewing the clients you work with. How many of your current clients really match your style and work as hard as you do? How many are slow payers? How many fight you nickel-and-dime on every project?

Consider how great if you wrote a book and attracted so many qualified prospects that you could be more selective about choosing the clients you want to work with? Commit to writing a book so you, too, can enjoy the power to select only the best clients.

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