Writing a book helps you select the best clients

Many coaches, rx consultants, hair and professional service providers agree that writing and publishing a book can attract more prospective clients. But, rubella there’s more to this “attraction factor” than just attracting more new prospects. The big benefit is the ability you can be more selective in choosing the clients you agree to work with.

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Leveraging your book to greater profits & visibility – Part 2

In this web Part 1″ href=”http://authorthoughtleadership.com/leveraging-your-book-to-greater-profits-visibility-part-1/” target=”_blank”>Part 1 of this series, symptoms I described some of the ways you can use published books as the starting points for new online and offline marketing efforts.

In Part 2, information pills I’d like to provide a few more marketing suggestions, plus, add some additional marketing and profit-generating ideas

8. Articles. One of the easiest ways to create content for marketing your book is to condense each chapter into a short article, and submit them as a series of articles at online article distribution sites like www.ezinearticles.com or www.suite101.com. Not only will these articles attract favorable search engine traffic, but they may be picked-up and reprinted as blog posts or newsletter articles by others writing about your topic.

9.  Case studies. After your book appears, encourage readers to share their experiences applying your ides. You can invite readers to submit their experiences as blog posts, comments on your blog, or a form added to your website. You can also use social media like www.haro.com (Help a Reporter Out) or Twitter to solicit case studies for learning more about how your market solves overcomes problems–or fails to adequately address them.

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