4 Steps to Avoiding a Brand Implosion™

It takes years of visibility and consistency to build a strong image, ampoule but it’s pretty easy to see all of your hard work implode. Just ask Mel Gibson, ask Michael Phelps, viagra Tiger Woods, Michael Richards, or even Kate Moss. All of these celebrities by their actions created the dreaded BRAND IMPLOSION:  {When brand behavior ? expectations}.

Introducing The BRAND IMPLOSION:  {When Brand Behavior ? Expectations }

The BRAND IMPLOSION formula occurs every time a behavior does not meet expectations and causes significant business consequences. In other words, if I miss a deadline for a client (behavior), although I am usually ahead of schedule (expectations), but the client was out of town so that it didn’t cause any fallout, all is fine with the relationship.

But, when Mel goes out on a tirade eroding every belief we had about him as a religious, good family man with high standards, we all just want to cringe, hide, and get him out of our sight as quickly as his agent and wife did. We cannot yet gauge the enormity of Mel’s actions, but his career as bankable actor clearly hangs in the balance.

4 Steps to Avoiding a Brand Implosion

How do you avoid ruining your brand? Just follow these steps from the get-go:

  1. Remain Authentic – If your image to the business and personal world are exactly the same, it remains difficult to create a consequential conflict. After all, if Ozzie Osborne were caught ranting and cursing, it’s just another day in his bizarre life – another non-issue.
  1. Beware the Camera –Thanks to smart phones, virtually all consumers can become cameramen with footage to share or sell. Certainly, Mr. Phelps and Ms. Moss aren’t smiling pretty reminiscing about their “caught on camera” contraband poses.
  1. Share and Post Selectively – It’s not just your privacy settings that determine who interacts with you, it’s also your on-line image. I, for example, only comment, Tweet, and write about branding and marketing. Even on Facebook, you can’t find any content or photos not related to my core competency. Tempted to enter the fray about Lindsay Lohan? Just tweak the famous DeBeers’ tagline a little to remember:  “Your on-line image is forever.”
  1. Be Your Best – Yep, your mom was right: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t let your success, fame, or fortune make you forget that there are no “little people” or even “ small people” as BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg stated.  We all have busy lives, but there is always time for quick nod of appreciation and respect.

™ by Liz Goodgold. Liz  is a branding speaker, expert and author of RED FIRE BRANDING: Create a Hot Personal Brand and Have Customers for Life and DUH! Marketing. For more hot branding ideas, sign up for her FREE newsletter, The Brand Finale, at www.redfirebranding.com .

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