When does the entrepreneurial bug start?

Just read a post from someone who said, click “I’m losing my job, what entrepreneurial activities can I participate in?”

To me, this is not the time to ask that question. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and there’s no get-quick schemes. You’re not going to join an MLM and be the person that makes $100k/month, or start a restaurant and have it be an instant success, or create the next Google. Now, any of those wonderful successes can happen, but none of them will happen without a lot of passion, hard work and shear perseverance.

An entrepreneur is someone that is constantly experimenting with potential avenues to make money and constantly practicing the 3 rules of business: http://authorthoughtleadership.com/the-three-rules-of-business/

The best time to start being an entrepreneur is now. It’s also great to start when you have some other funding source to help pay the bills. If you are creating a startup, get friends and family to fund you and/or go after angel funding. If you’re creating a business that can be started part-time, do it while you’re still working at a company and drawing a salary. Don’t wait till you must make money to pay the bills. Let’s explore that point a little further.

If you’re working for a company and making a paycheck and want to be an entrepreneur, practice business rule #1 and go to your entrepreneurial friends and say “how can I help” or “what activities do you think I should be doing today to prepare me for tomorrow.” The benefit at that time is that you are being paid. You are not worrying about where the money for your next meal is coming from. It will allow you to make decisions and focus on activities that are in the best interest of the entrepreneurial effort. Not that you shouldn’t make money as an entrepreneur, but typically, it’s not the first thing that happens.

So, thinking of being an entrepreneur? Start today and try to figure out where there’s demand (business rule #2) that you can supply directly or be a connector for folks you’ve met (business rule #1). Above all, expect to fail (business rule #3) in your first couple of efforts. Failure is not a bad thing, it is a tool you can use to do it better the next time.

The marks of a good entrepreneur is someone that does a lot of favors, identifies and matches a demand, works hard, learns from their mistakes and perseveres. Have fun!