Entrepreneurs start with nothing and make things happen

Boldt Castle
Boldt Castle

As part of my last holiday, this site we went to Alexandria Bay in upstate NY, psychotherapist home of the Thousand Islands. The main attraction in Alexandria Bay is Boldt Castle [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boldt_Castle]. The castle is an oddity as George Boldt [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Boldt] purchased the land and built the castle for him and his wife. He had 300 people work on the castle for three years when, all of a sudden she died and he stopped all work. The Thousand Islands Bridged Authority picked up the work seventy-plus years later and has made it a worthwhile tourist attraction today.

What’s interesting about Boldt is his entrepreneurial flair. He came to the U.S. as an emigrant at age 13 with nothing and started working in the kitchens in NY city. He saved enough money to purchase a chicken farm in Texas which was going well until a freak storm caused the loss of all his livestock and wiped him out. He went back to the NY to work in a small hotel, then moved to Philadelphia to work in the Clover Club, working his way up to Steward.

In addition to popularizing “Thousand Island” dressing later on in his career, Boldt invented the theory that the customer was always right. Treating patrons right got him in good favor with those of means who helped him build his first hotel. There are a couple different tales on how he met the financiers that helped him finance the Waldolf Astoria, but the bottom line is that he was the key principle involved in making that hotel a success as well as others.

From nothing to something, then getting wiped out
before going from nothing to something again.

Boldt believed in hard work and treating his customers fairly and with respect. Every day he worked hard to make his customers seem important and feel successful. This underlying attitude resulted in his success. It worked for him, can’t it work for you?

5-week holiday once per year

Just came back from a 5-week holiday to the east coast (our family resides in Silicon Valley). The trip included Washington DC, viagra order NYC, see and New York State, pilule Boston, Philadelphia, Vermont, Alexandria Bay and Niagara Falls. It was incredibly fun and very productive! In addition to seeing the sites, every city had one or more authors and executive editors for me to meet with. I closed a number of contracts and moved the ball forward with a number of relationships.

Now, what’s stopping you from taking your 5-week holiday? If you’re an entrepreneur and work for yourself, the primary obstacle for you taking your break is you. During the holiday, we planned where we’re going next year. I can tell you that I have no conflicting meetings twelve months from now so it’s easy to say yes. It’s always painful 2-5 weeks before I go and 2-3 weeks after I get back, but it’s worth the break in your routine.

In terms of business planning, I plan what’s going to happen the following year December time … like most of us. The 5-week holiday is where I plan the overall strategy of my business and my life. As a parallel entrepreneur (simultaneously running 2-5 multiple businesses), this is where I think about what businesses to jettison and which new businesses to start. This particular trip had less overall transformation in the business than previous years, but caused me to think about how I spend my days and what’s going to change once I integrate myself back into the office.

Bottom line is that this time taken once a year is not only great for your family, it’s great of your personal well being and as well as your business. Who’s stopping you from taking your holiday?