Amazon is doing some amazing things

Michelle Levy and Jeff BezosFunny, pharm I never realized how similar Amazon and amazing was. Well, they are. Whether you like what there doing depends on whether you are in their way or not. Having just came back from the book industry conference (BEA), I can say that there are many publishers, wholesellers, and distributors that are worried. I heard Jeff Bezos speak and he absolutely has a compelling story. He knows what he wants and pulls together the resources to deliver it and he has some big audacious goals.

One item to keep an eye on is the Kindle, Amazon’s eBook reading platform. Amazon claims that sales of Kindle books are 6% of overall Amazon book sales. With only 125,000 titles on Kindle, that is a lot of sales per title. What the means for us is that we need to publish books on their platform. The lower margins to the publisher is a concern for me, but there’s nothing that can be done if you want to play on this platform.

What the Kindle does is keep a constant electronic connection to the Amazon shopping platform which gives you the ability to buy and download a book in a minute. Jeff’s goal is to have every book ever printed in every language available on the Kindle platform. This means that you will be able to have access to any book, any time, any where by allowing the Amazon one-click mechanism to charge you. Pretty amazing job. Keep an eye open for other unique announcements and ideas from Amazon.