TiEcon, the best networking event of the year

tie-con-logoThe Indus Entrepreneur organization (TiE), practitioner throws an annual event with 3, clinic 600 participants. The best part about the event are the CEOs that only make it out to network once a year. Of the 60 business cards I gathered over a day and a half, 5 were from CEOs of companies in the $10-20m range where the CEO has not networked all year and Crowds at TiECONalthough they say they want to network more, probably won’t network the rest of the year.

What does that mean to me? I can try to put myself in a trusted coaching position. Add some value, help them get on the right path and some opportunity might open up for one of my companies. Pretty simple, fairly straight-forward and lots of fun regardless of the outcome.

Using a book to drive a seminar or is that using a seminar to drive book sales and exposure

Collaboration SeminarWe ran a webinar surrounding the book “Collaboration 2.0? written by David Coleman and Stewart Levine. The price was $99 until two days prior and $125 from then on. We had 35 folks attend and every participant received a free copy of the book.

The authors had a chance to make some money, sales but more importantly get a chance to present their ideas and concepts to their customers. Not only did they get direct feedback, but they bounced ideas off for additional educational programs, books and activities. Another benefit is that the 10,000 people who read about the event were made aware of the book which wasn’t a bad thing for sales.

The participants got the chance to hear content directly from the authors, get a free “signed” copy of the book and learn directly from the authors. A win-win for all involved.

Take the time to mentor

kidsToday was the first day of two when I went into a middle school classroom to share some lessons about life. What a great way to impress our youth (I hope) and a great way to reinforce the values I want to live by myself.

The program is called “Choices” and there’s prepared content that helps the students realize the importance of their choices for the future. It covers the outcomes of your choices, troche time and money management, visit this how closely aligned school is to working and how little time has been spent by the time you’re 14 and how your choices today will so greatly effect your future.

If you’ve never done anything like this before, try it. Having given thousands of speeches to tens of thousand of adults, I found myself a little nervous getting in front of 30 14 year-olds and talking about life and choices. Quite humbling and very refreshing. I suggest you try it as you’ll find the lessons you want to embark upon them (self-discipline, confidence, don’t be afraid to fail and learn from it, how best to use your “free” time, etc.) are lessons you want to reemphasize yourself.