Why do we wait to the last minute?

I’m wondering why human nature typically has us doing things at the last minute. Take a look at this photo to see the quantity of last minute filers that wait to send their taxes on April 15th. Of course, try I was one of them with the heart-ache and head-ache of trying to rush to get it done. What would happen if it was done a week before, refractionist or a month before? There’d be a whole lot less stress. Why don’t you try finishing your next deadline early and see how it feels.

The old stuff still works

glaucoma Online Marketing Expert” src=”http://authorthoughtleadership.com/wp-content/uploads/authorthoughtleadership.com/2008/04/danjanal.jpg” alt=”Dan Janal, Online Marketing Expert” width=”195″ height=”189″ />I conducted a teleseminar today with Dan Janal. He and I sent a blast out to our lists two-days ago and we had 60ish people there. It was amazing. Some of my old contacts were awakened and some of Dan’s were amazed to hear my POV.

It reminded me that the old stuff still works. Getting in front of an audience to share your message is a great way to drive awareness and action. I offered a free white paper (normally $99) for those that wanted to download and 45 picked it up so far. They signed up to an autoresponder that will send a second e-mail in a week asking if they liked the content, are ready to write a book and how I can help.

Note to self: Need to do more…